Causes of climate change

Article: Apostolis

1) greenhouse effect: It is caused by the dioxide in the environment that traps the Sun's rays and prevents them from breaking up in space, resulting in global warming.

2) fossil fuels: the burning of coal, oil and natural gas produces carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide which are released into the atmosphere, resulting in an increase in emissions (gases-exhaust gases) into the atmosphere.

The following are responsible for the emission of exhaust fumes: a) energy production units and industries.

B) Car exhaust

C) The airplanes

3) Deforestation: (reduction of forests): Deforestation reduces oxygen from trees because oxygen is released and does not contain environmental dioxide from the trees and the hazard is released into the atmosphere, which will be stored in them, showing the greenhouse effect.

4) Cows and goats and sheep produce large amounts of methane in the faith of their food. Methane is one of the gases that contribute to increasing the greenhouse effect.


5) Nitrogen fertilizers: responsible for nitrogen oxide emissions.

6) Fluorine gases are produced by equipment and products in refrigerants in refrigeration equipment such as: air conditioners and heat pumps, as foaming agents, as solvents as well as in fire extinguishers and aerosols, in electronics, in cosmetics as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Also original as an insulating gas, in high voltage switches, as well as in magnesium and aluminum production.

7) Endogenous factors: volcanoes

8) changes in ocean currents or atmospheric circulation.

9) the Earth's orbit around the Sun

10) Noise pollution

The modern phenomena we face in Greece are:

The greenhouse effect

The ozone hole

The photochemical phenomenon

Tackling climate change

1) Reducing gas emissions helps to slow down the phenomenon. . (CO2 emissions must reach zero level).

2) To standard electric cars instead of natural gas, gasoline and oil. (the same applies to the train, the bus.

3) Production of products from industries and factories naturally with materials and electricity production with energy solar systems.

4) To use a bicycle for our movements

5) Do not throw garbage down

6) We do not pollute the seas

7) We protect the places where wild animals live.

8) We protect endangered species

9) Ascent

10) State governments should take measures to protect the environment

11) Rangers in the forests

12) Farmers should not throw pesticides and their waste into rivers and lakes.

13) No indiscriminate fishing.

14) To buy products whose packaging is recycled

15) Not to drop nukes

16) Do not throw poisonous substances

17) We plant flowers

18) We don't build many factories

19) We do not build buildings with cement or many apartment buildings

Consequences of climate change

1) High temperatures

2) Drought and forest fires.

3)Lack of drinking fresh water (hunger)

4)Availability of fresh water (pollution)

5) floods

6) Sea level rise and coastal areas

7) Loss of biodiversity

8) soil destruction

9) Internal waters

10) Marine environment

11) Melting ice

12) Increase in allergenic substances

13) Extinction of species of life