About bullying


Finally, this day (Tuesday 11/01/2022) is over. It was a very exhausting day, filled with work, arguments, training, and so on, but thankfully it came to an end. Oh well, great, goodnight.

During the night, while Alkinoos was in the third dream, suddenly there was a loud bang, the ground shook, and Alkinoos jumped out of his bed, startled, wondering what had happened and why he woke up so abruptly. Alarmed, Alkinoos reached for his phone and went online to see what had happened. He saw in big letters "BOMBING ATTACK IN MAROUSI." So, he went nervously to drink some water, hoping to feel better and be able to sleep again. As he took this precaution, our little friend sat back in his bed. After a while of trying, Alkinoos couldn't fall asleep again. And then suddenly, as he was reading about the incident, along with the explosion in Marousi, there was an explosion within him, fueled by the bullying he had experienced at school. Here, let me add that Alkinoos was an exemplary student, well-behaved and polite. The only thing that "set him apart" from the other children was his autism. This was the reason why some of his friends (or so Alkinoos thought) decided to make fun of him, teasing him with a nickname that even now I don't want to remember. All of this started with a specific kid, to annoy him, and then others followed as "his friends." Our little hero didn't just sit there with folded arms in response to all this. Despite the teasing, he talked to his parents, approached the school principal, and most importantly, he started playing water polo. And I say "most importantly" because it helped him forget, release tension, and make friends.

Anyway, it's 04:00 now, I will try to sleep again, but before that, I would like to tell you that bullying is not a shame when you experience it. It makes you stronger as a person and in character. Bullying can happen nowadays in schools, training sessions, tutoring centers, workplaces, and many other places. It can be verbal or physical. The best thing to do for anyone who experiences it is to talk to close people (parents, friends) or to react in other ways. For example, through conversation. As you can see, I hope it never happens to you, but if it does, you know how to react.