The benefits of sports in autism


 One more day, has gone by. For a third consecutive year I have been champions and have won several medals in the Panellenic Swimming Championship for people with special needs. I am rally excited. But for my coach support, that of my parents and my efforts , I would never have achieved my goals. However, I made  a mistake when I started writing this article, I didn’t make a logical introduction as one might have expected, because I am autistic. But it doesn’t matter.  

  Well, lets start again. My name is Alkinoos Tsekos, I am 22 years old and I am in spectrum of autism. I have been engaging in sports for a long time for many reasons.  Among other give my things the opportunity to let off stream and socialize. I have to admit that my life haw dramatically changed since my father urged me to engage in sports systematically. After having spent many years on sports like swimming and track and field, especially on swimming, I have been awarded many medals. The most important benefits I have reaped, however, are a beautiful body, patience (especially in difficult circumstances in and out of the water) and self confidence. I have learned to set goals and do my best to achieve them as well as never give up despite the difficulties I may encounter. For example, I managed to a swim 400 meters freestyle in 5,5 which is Panellenic record. I am also confident enough to socialize and express my opinion even when I have a conversation with a person I don’t know or with a celebrity.

  Before engaging in sports, I used to be an overweight, sensitive and introverted boy. I used to feel left out and I was not accepted by my peers. Since my enrolment in the sport club I belong to all this changed dramatically. As a result, today I have enlarged my social circle , making good friends who really care for me. I have also managed to feel better, emotionally. But the most important benefit is that, after a lot of effort, I managed to turn the stress I suffer roomed from into functional stress which helps me achieve my goals.

   To sum up, I would like to remind you how many benefits I repaid by doing sports. Besides victories, medals and titles, I gained experiences, memories, a huge amount of confidence, self respect and the list goes on and on, all of which, are of the utmost importance in the life of an autistic person. Thank you for the time you devoted to reading my article.