First dates are very important to get to know a girl


    • you have to talk and get to know her to see if she suits you.
    • we have to get ready with our nice clothes that we have for going out.
    • we have to take a bath
    • wear a nice perfume
    • we have to be on time because it's not nice to have someone waiting for us and it's not polite.
Also on the first dates when we meet the girl to get to know each other we should go for coffee and be able to talk or go for a walk.
What can we discuss for example?
    • for music
    • if she likes animals
    • What food does she like
We also treat because we are gentlemen and because we have proper manners, we never touch at first, the girl must first suggest it to us.

Now that we have a Pandemic we can go for a walk sit on a bench and ask her what she would like to do too.
If he doesn't know, we can recommend them, for example

    • to go get food from a fast food restaurant
    • to get spaghetti
    • pizza

When the appointment is over, we have to go and take her home or if she doesn't want to, we call a taxi to come pick her up, be polite and always call to see if she has arrived.

Panayiotis /translator Alkinoos