Dream come true


Wow, come on, write an article now; I can't concentrate at all. Who could, anyway? It's not every day that something like this happens—getting accepted as the 2nd candidate in the university you wanted from the beginning, the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science (known as TEFΑΑ) at the University of Western Macedonia in Serres. I can't believe it even now, even though I found out yesterday. You know, when I saw on the computer screen that I passed 2nd in TEFΑΑ Serres, I didn't close the page; I left it open for hours, trying to grasp the reality of it, but I still can't fully comprehend it. It was like a crazy, elusive dream that has just come true. I am so incredibly happy; I don't know if I can hide my joy. I feel fantastic; I feel like I'm flying in the sky. I even pinched myself to check if I'm dreaming, but it didn't hurt, so I know I'm not asleep. Ha ha ha! Oh, I'm not okay, but it's alright; I will come to realize it eventually. How long will it take? 1, 2, 3, 4 months? We'll see. Alkinoos.