Procedures to become a Special Vocational High School in Kos by our reader Alexandra L


Procedures to become a Special Vocational High School in Kos by our reader Alexandra L
-Monday, January 25, 2021

Hello, I'm a girl from Trikala but I've been living in Kos for years.
I am 17 years old and in a few months I will be 18.
    I want to tell you about my story and on this occasion to ask you to do something about a problem that has existed for years and those who have dealt with it have not succeeded, and I mean for some residents of Kos.
      But I will tell you about my story first so you can understand why I would like you to do what I told you and why it is important for the Island.
      At 13 I was diagnosed as High Functioning Autistic. I was going to a regular high school, but too many events were happening and I didn't have parallel support for the difficulties I was facing and I had to stop even though I wanted to study law.
      There were no other solutions but to stay at my old school or to go to another one for this school but I don't want to talk at all.
    The only reason I want to tell you why I dropped out of my high school was because I was an average student and I thought I would never be able to pass the high school exams for the third grade. And even if I went to another school they wouldn't accept me. because I haven't finished high school
    .In the previous one I did the 1st high school half and repeated it, and after the 2nd high school I also did half of it because I stopped. Of the years I spent in high school, they don't count except for Evening High School and then Evening High School if possible to study Law or whatever else I want. This is how I go permanently to Trikala. I could study something else that I don't love and stay in Kos, but Law has been my dream since high school.
    The reason I want to become a lawyer is because I want to deal with something specific and I will be the first in Greece if I succeed. In particular, I want to defend people with disabilities as well as people who have the same disability as me and to complete the laws that have many shortcomings for these people. What I want to ask you is to create a Special Vocational High School with special Autism classes depending on their functionality. As I told you, I don't live it for me, I ask it for the rest of the Autistic children like me who cannot go to a normal school due to lack of parallel support but can go to a Special Vocational High School and take Panhellenic exams. Unfortunately, there is no special interest here in Kos the authorities to do such a thing for many reasons.
    In the first case, however, if this school happens, it will be very pleasant, this fact will make me very happy and it will make these children very happy who will feel that their dreams will come true from the moment they do everything to get into the school they want they want according to their capabilities and they will feel that they are not going to this place by force or only out of necessity but because they want to and are doing it, whereas if this school is not built soon I will be saddened and even more so, those people first because if such children do not happen at all, 2) they may not succeed in making their dreams come true and 3) if it happens but after years some children may make their dreams come true and some others not but also in the second and third case with similar consequences.
        Because I don't want what happened to me, who had no other solution because I was a 14-year-old minor and school was compulsory, to happen to other children as well. This school is very important to me for the children, for the parents and for this Island. although generally the authorities think that it is unimportant for many reasons such as the lack of money, but there are children and also parents who would like something like this to happen so that their children go to a school that makes them have a good time and learn enough and useful things.
        I don't want kids who are smart and high or average functioning not to do what they want and be forced to do something that will not make them happy in their life but unhappy because of such obstacles. Thank you very much for seeing my message and I hope you do something soon because Kos needs to start progressing more to become an island that every person will want to stay on.

article by our reader Alexandra L.