Chalandri for coffee

Monday, November 09, 2020

When I go out with my friends I want to go to a place that has nice drinks, plays good music, is polite, and is a nice place. A good choice is Paparose aka Dimitra. Where every time I sit with my company I feel that I am in a calm environment in the center of Chalandrio. 

Picture explained from Takis  : Article Panagiotis In The Photo A Lady Painted With Graffiti Has Blue Hair She Is Next To A Window Birds Are Flying Outside The Window Next To Her She Has A Painted Flower A Rose Article: Panagiotis.  Article Panagiotis In The Photo, A Lady Painted With Graffiti, She Has Blue Hair, She Is Next To A Window, And Birds Are Flying Out Of The Window And Next To Her Has A Painted Flower A Rose. Takis